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The UA Society is dedicated to taking Mobile App Growth to the next level. We bring together the top minds in our field offering best-practice discussions around mobile User Acquisition, Ads Monetisation and Growth. We’re a not-for-profit, global organisation and our annual UA Society Summit is your chance to discover the latest cutting-edge developments in Mobile App Growth and connect with other thought leaders in the wider mobile community.

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What drives the UA Society?


We recognise that the mobile landscape is constantly shifting, and traditional Growth tactics and “101” approaches don’t go far enough. Our evolved approach strives to connect creatives, data, and human behaviour to elevate the discussion around our industry’s strategy and techniques.


We are a global organisation, bringing together the brightest minds in the fields of UA, Ads Monetisation and Growth from all over the world. We’ve created a platform for industry experts to discuss, question and innovate with the goal of driving profitable growth for our members’ companies.


We want to challenge the way the industry thinks about Mobile App Growth – and that’s why we want you to join us. We’re not-for-profit and free to join, and always looking to foster those who bring the same high levels of talent, passion and ambition to this space.

“Knowledge is at its most valuable when it is shared.”

Saikala Sultanova


The 3rd Annual UA Society Summit was a blast! Bringing together the smartest minds in the industry, the Summit is the can’t-miss event for User Acquisition, Ads Monetisation and Mobile App Growth.

From growth to monetisation, our speakers gave live insights on the cutting-edge developments from a diverse range of mobile app industries.

Check out our Knowledge Vault for the talks of the day!

NOTE: The UA Society Summit is open to mobile app developers and publishers only.

Knowledge Vault

Our Knowledge Vault is a space where you can check out presentations and recorded sessions from past UA Society events.


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